William Tintinger Attorney / Prokureur

Giving sound and effective legal advice and rendering professional legal services since 1996

The sole proprietor, William Tintinger was admitted as an attorney to the High Court in 1995, after having obtained his Baccalaureus Legum Civilium and Baccalaureus Legum degrees at the University of Pretoria on respectively 30 March 1993 and 1 September 1995. After having completed his articles at Geldenhuys and Joubert Attorneys, William Tintinger has practised as an admitted attorney for own account until 1998, after which he formed a partnership with Paulus Booysen and conducted business as Tintinger & Booysen Attorneys.

In 2001 and after an amalgamation of Tintinger and Booysen Attorneys with Tintingers Incorporated, William Tintinger practised as a director in Tintingers Incorporated until 2005, from which date he has practised for his own account.

Our aim is set to operate in a productive and effective legal environment.

The vision of William Tintinger Attorneys is to provide effective and fast practical legal services to all clients. Our vision is to render legal services as effective and fast as possible with specific emphasis on providing effective feedback to clients as soon as possible after having received any mandate.

We thrive ourselves on continued feedback to our clients and realise that apart from rendering sound and effective legal services and advice, our clients appreciate regular and prompt feedback with regards to any instructions received.

Honesty, integrity, efficiency and urgency form the backbone of WILLIAM TINTINGER ATTORNEYS’ operations and this message will be conveyed through its actions and relationships with our clients at all times.

Transparency between WILLIAM TINTINGER ATTORNEYS and our clients will establish credibility to the business and attorney and client relationship.

Our main objective is to provide unprecedented legal services to clients thereby ensuring that our relationship with our clients eventually develops into a long term and successful venture.

Our goal is to become one of the most effective legal service providers, characterised by prompt legal advice and service and continued legal improvement with regards with updated case law and legislation.

Our aim is to render legal services as fast as possible and we will endeavour to provide with regards to any instructions received, feedback to cients on a continued basis.

William Tintinger Attorneys operates from its head office in Pretoria-North with address as indicated above. The practice at Pretoria-North is overseen by William Tintinger.

At present, we are able to render all services in the jurisdictions of both the Pretoria and Pretoria-North Magistrate Court districts and in the North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria, Republic of South-Africa.

We render legal services in inter alia the following legal spheres:

1. All High Court litigation, including
1.1 launching and opposing motions,
1.2 instituting and defending all actions; and
1.3 all legal processes associated therewith;
2. Commercial litigation;
3. All Magistrate’s Court work;
4. All other work associated with a sound legal practice.

William Tintinger previously acted as prosecutor on behalf of the now Greater City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality in disciplinary enquiries.

William Tintinger also presided as Commissioner in several enquiries in terms of Section 418 of the then Companies Act, Act 61 of 1973 including high profile enquiries such as Excitement Stores, Magna Board and several Ponzi (pyramid) schemes.